The Best Multivitamins for Women

Like all moms and especially moms of children with autism, I’m an extremely busy person who is constantly multi-tasking and rarely has time to eat properly. My son has struggled with serious sleep issues his entire life and our family has very poor nights of sleep regularly, which takes a toll on our overall health. When you don’t sleep properly, everything suffers. Your energy levels plunge and your diet goes to hell. I wanted to start taking a multivitamin that not only has a good amount of B vitamins (which woman tend to be deficient in) but that also gives me energy, helps support a healthy metabolism and that isn’t a gummy because I find them too sweet. I also want to take just one tablet a day- even I can manage that. I discovered the Garden of Life line of multivitamins at, and regularly purchase Garden of Life Vitamin Code for Women, which are on sale right now as part of the Vitamin Event.

One of the unique features of Vitamin Code supplements is that they are made using a special process called “Raw Food-Created Nutrients,” which involves using a proprietary blend of organic fruits and vegetables to create the vitamins and minerals. This process is designed to mimic the way nutrients are found in whole foods, which can make them easier for the body to absorb and utilize. They also contain probiotics and enzymes to support digestion and promote overall gut health.

I also take the Garden of Life mykind Women’s Once Daily which I pick up at my local Healthy Planet. I go back and forth between them.


This is a vegan once-a-day tablet that also provides vitamin B-12 in methylcobalamin form. This is important (and different from many other vitamins) because it’s a highly active and absorbable form of B-12, more like the B-12 that your body naturally makes. It also has iron for your blood, and vegan D3 from lichen to support your immune system. You can find the Mykind line from Garden of Life at Healthy Planet, and carries a large selection of Garden of Life vitamins and supplements. Vitamins are on sale until February 19th at and shipping is free over $49 in the GTA.

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