San Remo Bakery

When I need delicious doughnuts, a birthday cake, or a muffuletta sandwich then I head to a very special Italian bakery in Mimico. Family-owned and operated since 1969, San Remo is one of my favourite places to eat in the city.

If I’m just ordering doughnuts I place my order online ahead of time, because they usually sell out by noon. Made fresh daily, there are dozens of flavours to choose from including Oreo, Nutella, maple walnut, lemon filled, chocolate crumb, key lime filled, maple bacon and chocolate coconut. My favourite is the sugar doughnut filled with whipped cream. The pies are delicious works of art and the macarons are prepared fresh daily by AG Macarons.


The cannolis are huge and so flavourful, bursting with filling.

I love bringing the San Remo lemon meringue pie to dinner parties. They sell out fast so if you want one get there early. Very reasonably priced, under $10. The chocolate pecan pie is equally impressive; rich and delicious.

At Christmas time, San Remo stocks all the traditional Italian treats including Torrone, panettone and pistachios. Torrone is a sweet toasted almond nougat candy and a traditional Italian Christmas dessert. There’s such a large selection of flavours available it’s joyous for Torrone lovers like me.

San Remo also has a terrific lunch counter with daily hot lunch specials. The veal, meatball and muffuletta sandwiches are very popular and there is a great selection of cheeses, olives, giardiniera and cured meats.


San Remo is also a great place for coffee; their cappuccinos are perfect. 374 Royal York Rd., Toronto. 416-255-2808.

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