Two Bears Coffee in Etobicoke

If you work in the nearby film studio at 777 Kipling, you’ve likely heard about the coffee shop down the street brewing incredibly flavourful cups of small batch coffee. Two Bears is a happy little haven for coffee lovers; they are known for their flash-brewing method which involves brewing coffee at an extremely high temperature for a very short amount of time. This results in a unique, bold flavor that is not found in traditional brewing methods.

Two Bears Coffee

One of the ways they achieve this is through their small-batch roasting. By roasting their coffee beans in small batches, they can carefully monitor the process to ensure that each bean is roasted to perfection. This results in a richer, more flavorful cup of coffee.

A very popular choice here is the flash-brewed non-dairy frothed lattes, made with unsweetened oat milks.

Two Bears Coffee also delivers their beans; they ship their coffee across North America within 48 hours of roasting. This ensures the coffee is extremely fresh when it reaches their customers. Open weekdays from 8am-4pm. 195 Norseman St. Suite 16, Etobicoke.

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