Scoop on Hockey: Seeing a Marlies Game

By S Michael

A good option to see some extra hockey, especially if you are looking for something cheaper than Leafs tickets, is checking out the Toronto Marlies.

First off, as mentioned, the tickets are cheaper.  At one point if you bought a certain level of seasons tickets, they threw in a game in a private box as well.  

The Marlies are the Leafs farm team playing in the AHL (American Hockey League).  Most organizations don’t have their NHL teams and AHL teams in the same city so Leaf fans should really take advantage of the opportunity.  

There is also no bad seat in the house. The Marlies play at the Coca-Cola Coliseum in front of about 4,500 fans or so. Whenever I have gone, it has not been a sell out, which means you can also sit where you want (that said I have never tried to go front row, I think there are ushers who may move you out). Unlike the Scotiabank Area, you can also watch the game as you walk around the upper bowl. There is a standing room only ledge around most of the rink and if you see a guy in a suit with a clipboard, he is most likely a scout (the last time I was there a group of kids kept asking one guy who fit that description who he was scouting for, but to his credit, he wouldn’t say).

You also get to see future Leafs.  On the north side of the rink there is actually a plaque for every Marlie who went on to play with the Leafs.  They include stars like William Nylander, and solid d-man Timothy Liljegren.  You can also see guys who have played with the Leafs but have been sent down for salary cap or development reasons.  Right now Pontus Holmberg and Kyle Clifford are down there along with goalies Joseph Woll and Erik Kallgren. 

The Marlies are also having a great season and are first in their division so you are more than likely to see a win!

The rink is pretty easy to get to as well. It’s near the exhibition Go train station and there is also lots of parking if you want to drive though that will cost you about 20 bucks.

Coca-Cola Coliseum

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