Alicja Confections: Postcard Chocolate Bars

Are you looking for a fun and fabulous way to surprise someone with a treat? Mail them a Postcard Chocolate Bar from Alicja Confections.

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Alicja Confections (pronounced Ah-lee-tsee-ah) has been creating and sending out their Postcard Chocolate Bars since 2015. These bars are not only delicious and beautifully wrapped, but they can be mailed thanks to their lightweight design. Each bar weighs 85 grams, making it eligible for regular letter mail with just one $1.94 stamp within Canada.

There are over 60 flavors to choose from, and Alicja Confections prides themselves on creating new and interesting flavour combinations that you won’t find anywhere else. One standout flavour that has gained a cult following is the Dill Pickle Chocolate Bar. The bar started as an April Fool’s joke in 2022, but people wanted it to be a real thing so they produced it. It quickly became a fan favorite.

I bought one from the Alicja Confections booth at the One of A Kind show because my son is obsessed with all things dill pickle flavour. This 28% white chocolate bar has a subtle but unmistakable tangy flavour of dill pickles, and it’s delicious. The packaging is so gorgeous that the whole experience of eating an Alicja Confections bar is special from start to finish.

Alicja Confections started as a creative outlet for founder Alicja Buchowicz and has since grown into a beloved Canadian business with a loyal fanbase. You can order postcard chocolate bars online as well as other products including bonbons and chocolate bunnies, with free domestic shipping on orders over $75. If you are in Toronto today, you can visit Alicja Confections at Booth A33 at the One of A Kind show; it’s the final day of the event at the Enercare Centre at Exhibition Place.

Alicja Confections Postcard Chocolate Bars

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