Square Boy on the Danforth

Square Boy is a family-owned restaurant located at 875 Danforth Avenue in Toronto’s Greektown, serving classic and affordable diner fare for over 50 years. As one of the cheapest and most beloved eateries in Toronto, this iconic restaurant has been a local favourite since 1964.

Known for its generous portions and reasonable prices, Square Boy offers burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, pitas, fish and chips, half-chicken specials and classic souvlaki meals with fries, Greek salad, chicken skewers and tzatziki. You can easily enjoy lunch under ten dollars here. The chicken/hamburger special with fries and a pop is only $6.50.

The gyros on a pita (also available on a toasted bun) is a popular pick and a cheap and delicious lunch for only $6.65. The chicken souvlaki on a bun or pita is also $6.65.

Square Boy has a comforting, old-school diner vibe and it’s a cheery, bustling restaurant to eat at. All of the food is grilled on the same grill in right in front of the customers, while orders are called out in that classic burger-joint style.

The banquet burgers at Square Boy have been a hit for years, with hearty juicy patties made to order and cooked with a delicious caramelized crust.

These water and wine glasses (and the brown serving tray they are placed on) take me right back to my server days at a family restaurant I worked at while I was in university. They haven’t changed a bit since then!

Bring cash- no debit or credit accepted here. Open Sunday-Thursday 10am-11pm, Friday-Saturday 10am-12:30am. To place an order at Square Boy, call 416-461-2571. 875 Danforth Ave, Toronto.

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