Discover the Innovation of Cheekbone Beauty: Toronto’s Makeup Maestro Presents The New Illuminating Primer Stick

by John-Paul Ricchio

Hello Darlings! I am excited to introduce you to a new Cheekbone product that will help you achieve a flawless glow at every angle. Say hello to the Starlight Illuminating Primer Stick! This clean, vegan, and lightweight primer is a must-try.

You can apply the Starlight Illuminating Primer Stick to your clean and moisturized skin as a base under your makeup for a smooth canvas, or on top of your foundation to get that added high-beam dewdrop look. But that’s not all; this stick is fabulous to use on its own for a radiant, lit-from-within sheen that lasts throughout the day. Infused with natural and nourishing ingredients, this primer is free from harmful or controversial additives, ensuring that your skin looks and feels its best. It’s time to witness the magic of Cheekbone Beauty’s new primer… YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO, HENNNNNNY!

Cheekbone Beauty’s Starlight Illuminating Primer Stick

If you haven’t heard of Cheekbone before, let me tell you about this remarkable line, renowned for its sustainable, clean, vegan, and cruelty-free color cosmetics. Based in Canada, Cheekbone Beauty is the first Indigenous-owned and founded cosmetics company. The brand is guided by three principles: Indigenous roots, sustainability, and clean color. With plantable seed paper packaging, refillable options, and reusable containers, Cheekbone is leading the way in sustainable product development and manufacturing in the cosmetics industry. In 2021, it launched its new Innovation Lab, run by a new cosmetic chemist.

I want to give a big shoutout to my friend Jenn Harper, founder and CEO of Cheekbone Beauty. Jenn is a true inspiration, and I’m incredibly proud of all that she has accomplished and continues to achieve. Cheekbone Beauty’s commitment to sustainability is truly admirable. As a company guided by Indigenous teachings, it has made it its mission to create a circular economy in the cosmetics industry. Its vision is to achieve true sustainability by drawing inspiration from nature and utilizing everything through recycling and repurposing. This dedication to creating a more eco-friendly future sets Cheekbone Beauty apart and makes it a brand worth supporting.

Embrace your beauty with a clear conscience darlings. Cheekbone Beauty offers free shipping on all US and Canadian orders over $38. You can also find them at Sephora. xoxo JPR

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