Scoop on Hockey: Who Should Leaf Fans Cheer For Now?

By S Michael

There is a lot of off-ice drama right now in the world of the Toronto Maple Leafs, but there is still some great playoff hockey going on even if we aren’t part of it. The big question though, is who should Leaf fans cheer for? Here’s what I think.

THE WORST CHOICE: Florida Panthers

It’s sort of obvious why you shouldn’t cheer for the Panthers. The main reason is that they beat the Leafs in a very annoying series.

Also when I watch I’m reminded that we drafted Carter Verhaeghe and traded him away before he could realize his full goal scoring potential.

You might want to cheer for ex-Leafs coach Paul Maurice, but I can’t get that excited about cheering for a coach.

THE NEUTRAL CHOICE: Vegas Golden Knights

I would give Vegas big cheering points because it’s where Phil Kessel plays, and what Leaf fan doesn’t want to see Phil Kessel do well. The problem is Phil Kessel is not playing right now. He has played four games in these playoffs but it appears he is a healthy scratch. Obviously his presence would be an upside for Leaf fans.

He also broke the NHL Ironman streak for most consecutive games earlier this year.


Sure the Leafs couldn’t win a Stanley Cup with Tie Domi, but maybe his son Max Domi will grab one with the Dallas Stars. Max is a completely different player than Tie (mainly skill and no fights as opposed to mainly fights with some skill)

Mason Marchment spent some time with the Marlies and a cup of coffee with the Leafs. He’s found his scoring touch too after going to the Panthers and now the Stars and his late father Bryan Marchment also played for the Leafs.

And Tyler Seguin would have been a Leaf if Brian Burke hadn’t traded the pick away for Phil Kessel (but hey, who doesn’t love Phil Kessel). Here’s Marchment from Seguin and Domi in the last round

THE BEST CHOICE: Carolina Hurricanes

I know this is controversial, but hear me out. I am cheering for the Hurricanes for pretty much one reason. Frederik Andersen. He was great for the Ducks, not bad for a Leafs team that didn’t really focus much on defence, and now he has a chance for the Cup with the Canes. He’s saving them when he’s not even looking!

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