Tita’s Traditional Mexican Food on Lake Shore

Tita’s is one of the most popular takeout restaurants in Etobicoke. It’s also a cozy nook for indoor dining, with counter service, outdoor picnic tables and the most genuine warm authentic vibe.

Tita’s Mexican Food started as a catering company promoting homemade Mexican cuisine. Their goal expanded to providing an authentic Mexican experience with unforgettable flavours. The founder’s grandmother, Cuca, influenced the family’s love for food and taught them that Mexican cuisine goes beyond taste, creating connections and joy within families and communities. You can feel the love in the dishes.

Esquites: Mexican Street Roasted Corn

Mole is a Mexican sauce made from fruit, chiles, chocolate, peanuts, and an array of spices including black pepper, cinnamon and cumin. As they say at Tita’s, to taste mole is to taste Mexico:

Enchiladas De Mole
Gringa: Flour Tortilla Filled With Cheese, Pastor Meat, Pineapple, Onion & Cilantro

There are two locations of Tita’s in Toronto; one in the Junction area at 2411 St Clair Avenue West and this one in Mimico, in Toronto’s west end. Closed Mondays. 2491 Lake Shore Blvd West Unit 7, Etobicoke, Toronto.

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