Scoop on Sports: Gradey Dick and the Raptors Are a Match Made in Red

Toronto Raptors Logo

by S. Ferguson

So, funny story. A friend showed me this tweet sent out by the NBA and we both couldn’t believe someone wore this to their NBA draft.

Then I couldn’t believe the Raptors picked him! Gradey Dick with the 13th overall choice. Well, now I think it’s hilarious and it’s great to add someone else with a big personality to the team.

In his post-game comments he references Drake. Good start.

And then the team made the most of his fashion choice on TikTok. With that much red I guess he was destined to come to Canada and play for the Toronto Raptors.

Oh yeah. And here he is playing basketball. Looks good to me. Gradey is from Wichita, Kansas and was a Kansas Jayhawk. Looking forward to next season!

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