Relocating Soon: The Hermit’s Lamp on Bloor St. West

New storefront for The Hermit's Lamp, which provides Tarot Card Readings on Bloor St. West in Toronto

The Hermit’s Lamp, offering Tarot readings, ancestral healing, and magical art, is moving into the space recently vacated by Dead Dog Records at 1209 Bloor St West.

The Hermit's Lamp in Toronto, which offers transformative Tarot readings, ancestral healing, and mesmerizing magickal art.

Led by Andrew McGregor, The Hermit’s Lamp provides these services both remotely and in-person. The shop is moving back into its own space:

Andrew McGregor’s journey into the world of magick began after surviving a near-fatal car accident as a teenager. Through exploration of Western and Eastern traditions, as well as insights from mystical practitioners, he gained profound knowledge of earth, heavens, and ancestral wisdom. (In case you were wondering, spelling “magick” with a “k” is to differentiate it from stage illusions or entertainment. It emphasizes a deeper, intentional, and transformative form of magic associated with spiritual practices and metaphysical studies.)

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The Hermit’s Lamp is relocating on July 3rd. Open Tuesday to Saturday 12-7pm, and online 24/7 for orders and to book readings. 1209 Bloor St West, Toronto.

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