Opening Soon: Liberty Pizzeria on Dundas Street East

Exciting news for pizza lovers in Regent Park! Liberty Pizzeria is set to open its doors, becoming another addition to the vibrant culinary scene that has emerged in the area over the past few years.

Regent Park, originally known as Cabbagetown in the late 19th century, was named after the crops grown by British and Irish immigrants in their yards. The neighbourhood served as a home for the working class and in the late 1940s, Regent Park was built as a public housing project. Unfortunately, over time, it faced significant challenges related to poverty, crime, and inadequate living conditions. This led to a negative perception in the past, but now there has been a remarkable revitalization.

Determined to create a better future for their community, a dedicated group of residents and community leaders focused on improving housing and enhancing services which helped start the impressive transformation. The resilience and determination of the community have been the ingredients needed to bring about positive change. That has led to new businesses getting ready to open their doors like Liberty Pizzeria which is now under construction at 651 Dundas Street East.

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