Now Closed: The Grille on The Queensway

This week, a local restaurant closed its doors, leaving behind lovely memories for me. The Grille was the place where my mum and I had our first lunch outing together with my newborn. The servers were warm and attentive, making it such a comforting place to be. Even though I only managed to take a few sips of coffee, I remember feeling overjoyed to be out after months of being home and in the hospital. It felt almost surreal to have my baby sitting on the table, snug in his carrier right next to the salt and pepper shakers, flashing adorable smiles at everyone.

The Grille on the Queensway has been around for nearly two decades. It’s not to be confused with the The Dundas Street Grille, another beloved casual diner in Etobicoke.

Now closed, The Grille is currently undergoing renovations and will soon reopen under new ownership. 1596 The Queensway, Etobicoke, Toronto.

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