Exploring the Murals on Weston Road

A local Toronto artist recently gave me a photo they took about 20 years ago of a mural on a building at Weston Road and John Street, knowing how much I love photographing public art throughout Toronto. A visit to the area showed that this mural has long faded, so it was very special to have the artwork captured. With lots of development plans in the neighbourhood, I decided to photograph some of the other nearby murals.

Outside the Weston GO station, artist Mahmood Popal has showcased his belief that art doesn’t have to be intimidating or costly. He transformed this 16-by-260 foot noise wall into a vibrant mural using everyday materials like bubble wrap dipped in paint, stencils sprayed with paint, and torn-off pieces of paper. The mural incorporates historical photographs from the City of Toronto archives and features a life-size shot of the Weston library.

Weston Road runs parallel to the Humber River, one of the city’s most beautiful natural features. The Humber River Valley in Toronto’s west end holds significant historical importance, serving as a vital part of both Indigenous and early European history. The river, originating near Mono and flowing through Toronto before reaching Lake Ontario at Humber Bay, was an integral part of a vast network of waterways facilitating Indigenous travel across North America.

Some of the parks near Weston Road and the Humber River are Cruickshank Park, which has a trail system and a playground, Humber Valley Park, which has a golf course and a picnic area, and Raymore Park, which has a bridge and a fishing spot. These murals are close to Cruickshank Park.

These are just a few of the many murals through Weston. There’s more art to discover in Mount Dennis, the next neighbourhood over. Weston Road connects them both and is full of artistic gems. 

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  1. Simply wanted to say thanks for ALL your efforts. Your posts are like small letters from home,
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