Lakeshore Ribfest 2023

The second annual Lakeshore Ribfest kicked off yesterday at Colonel Samuel Smith Park featuring award-winning BBQ from four North American rib teams. The event offers smoked ribs, pulled pork, brisket, BBQ chicken and really delicious mac and cheese.

Here’s the Great Lakes Beer Garden ready for action. There are so many reasons I love this local brewery. Every year they support my son’s school with their run of Shining Through Centre Pale Ale. And, they are longtime supporters of my friend Toronto Mike’s amazing independent podcast which you should all listen to especially if you are music lovers. AND, my best friend and I discovered today they make a lemon vodka soda that has zero sugar and is absolutely delicious. I’m not a beer drinker, so this was terrific to learn.

There is live music all weekend long from local bands and tributes like The Almost Hip. The other featured tributes are Bob Marley and AC/DC.

The Almost Hip at Lakeshore Ribfest 2023

Admission is $3. Lakeshore Ribfest runs until July 23rd at Colonel Samuel Smith Park, located at Lakeshore Drive West and Kipling in south Etobicoke.

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