Market 707: Outdoor Street Food Market in Toronto

I shared a portion of this mural on Instagram last week and several people asked me where it was in the city. It’s located at Dundas and Bathurst in Market 707, a collection of more than 20 vendors offering services and counter-serve food stands in shipping containers. I first visited Market 707 shortly after it opened it 2011, and it was the very first post on the Toronto Scoop. It has grown quite a bit and while many of the stalls have changed, the wonderful vibe of this open-air market is the same. Here’s the entire mural by Toronto artist Adrian Hayles, who also created the Yonge Street Music History murals. He painted it for Cleanlocs, a professional dreadlock cleaning service that offers the only steam-based full treatment cleanse in the city.

Adrian Hayles Mural at Cleanlocs, 707 Dundas St. West

Here is an outpost of Sunday Cyclery, a Kensington Market bike shop on St. Andrew Street that sells, fixes and builds bikes. (Kensington Market is just northeast of Market 707, you can easily walk there.)

One of the vendors that has been at Market 707 the longest is Gushi, serving their popular Japanese street food like karaage chicken.

My dad had never tried poutine, so the perfect place to take care of that was nom nom nom, another longstanding vendor at Market 707.

Ethio & Eri Cafe serves traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean favourites like tibs, foul and kitfo. The coffee is amazing.

Omusubi Bar Suzume specializes in Japanese comfort foods and rice balls stuffed with a variety of fillings. This stall is a great stop if you want something you can eat easily while walking through the market.

There are many other stalls serving a variety of international street foods. It’s lovely here in the summertime, with outdoor seating at picnic tables.

Market 707 is located on the south side of Dundas Street West, east of Bathurst. It is operated by, and directly in front of, the Scadding Court Community Centre at 707 Dundas Street West, Toronto.

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