Humber Bay Park West Off-Leash Dog Park

Today was a hot and gorgeous August day, perfect for a visit to the beach. But not just any beach, the one next to the off-leash dog park on the Humber Bay Shores. It’s a bit of a journey from the park’s entrance on Lake Shore, so come with me and Darcie as we visit one of the best places to take your dog on a hot summer day in Toronto.

The entrance to the park is at 2225 Lake Shore Boulevard West. Everyone is strolling, biking, and driving in here so go slow and pay lots of attention.

Prepare to head to the very end of this road, Humber Bay Park Road West. It winds along the lake and as you make your way you will see one of the best views of the Toronto skyline in the city. It was humid today so not as clear as it usually is, but still amazing.

Darcie gets quite excited because she knows at the end of this road, we are going swimming, but it’s all on-leash until we get there.

You will pass a couple of parking lots, the Mimico Cruising Club, Etobicoke Yacht Club and this beach on your left which is stunning. It’s a beach is for people only though, so we have to keep going.

You will get to one final parking lot and then you can’t go any farther. Turn right here and keep walking. Darcie is leading the way, she knows we are close and soon she’ll be swimming…

You are alongside Lake Ontario now and almost there. It’s not quite at the off-leash part of the beach yet so we have to stay chill. This stretch of beach reminds me of the shores of Lake Superior at our cottage in Thunder Bay, on Silver Islet.

Here’s the path to the dog beach…

And we have arrived! This part of the beach is right beside the gate to the off-leash dog park, and everyone lets their dogs take a dip here.

After she’s cooled off, we head through the gates into the off-leash park which borders on the yacht club. I like to take her here after she swims so she can dry off a bit before heading home.

This dog park is lovely because it’s secluded at the tip of the peninsula with lots of shady areas.

Always lots of social time here; this is a popular dog park in Etobicoke for dog-walkers.

There are benches and picnic tables to perch on while the dogs hang out. There is a lot of sun protection here provided by the tree canopy.

The Humber Bay Park West off-leash dog park is located at 2225 Lake Shore Boulevard West, Etobicoke, Toronto.

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