Fresh-shrooms in Kensington Market

This organic mushroom dispensary and psilocybin clinic is located on Baldwin Street, across from Tom’s Place. Fresh-shrooms offers psilocybin in a variety of ways; through locally grown freshly-picked mushrooms that are still wet from the earth, dried, powdered, and extract variations, and microdose capsules (pure psilocybin & mixed stacks.) They also sell mushroom-infused gummies, chocolates and drinks.

If you want to try psilocybin on a guided trip, Fresh-shrooms will connect you with their representative who can help you with that experience. Exploring psilocybin on a guided trip can be a good idea because it offers a structured and supportive environment that can enhance the experience in a safe setting.

Fresh-shrooms in located in the heart of Kensington Market at 177 Baldwin Street, Toronto.

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