Courage My Love in Kensington Market

Courage My Love opened in Kensington Market in 1975, and in 1994 it was the first vintage store my friend Steph and I ever shopped in. We took the subway downtown and bought matching sleeveless houndstooth dresses and I still wear mine to this day. Steph also bought cowboy boots and a fascinator that she does not wear but the memories of our first vintage fashion finds are still vivid two decades later!

Boots on display outside Courage My Love in Kensington Market

Courage My Love was founded by former teachers turned antique aficionados Stewart and Patricia Scriver. Over the years, it has captivated the attention of many famous shoppers like Mick Jagger and Kurt Cobain. The store has also made appearances in several movies and TV shows, such as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Orphan Black, and Schitt’s Creek.

Along with vintage clothing, it sells accessories spanning different eras, and a colourful selection of sewing supplies such as zippers and buttons. This eclectic inventory makes it a popular destination for fashion lovers and DIY crafters alike.

Courage My Love was the first vintage shop in what is now a bustling vintage hub on Kensington Avenue, alongside stores like Space Vintage. Open daily from 11:30am-6pm. 14 Kensington Ave, Toronto.

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