Reopened: Willem & Jools Flowers on Roncesvalles

Willem & Jools, a popular flower shop on Roncesvalles Avenue, has been victimized by repeated acts of vandalism throughout the year. Closed and boarded up since the latest incident on July 4th, the beautiful shop which specializes in Dutch inspired florals has now reopened.

The trouble began just before Valentine’s Day when vandals first targeted the shop, which is one of the busiest times for florists. Prior to that, the store had been spray-painted entirely in white, and graffiti was left on the shop’s logo. These incidents suggested a targeted and escalating problem and the owners and businesses in the neighbourhood are understandably concerned.

The shop had been boarded up all summer and a GoFundMe campaign was set up to support the shop’s recovery. Photos on the GoFundMe page show the first vandalized window as well as the same window and side window smashed again five days later. Protective metal blinds have been installed to prevent this happening again.

Willem & Jools is located at 125 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto.

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