Tom’s Place in Kensington Market

Tom’s Place is a renowned destination in Toronto for high-quality men’s attire, and Tom is the beloved owner who is famous for his attentive service and big personality. Tom’s Place offers an extensive selection of designer suits, tuxedos, and accessories at competitive prices. Customers appreciate the convenience of on-site alterations, making it a one-stop shop for their fashion needs.

Tom Mihalik, the owner, inherited the business from his father in 1958. His lifelong commitment to excellence, affordable pricing, and customer service has solidified Tom’s Place as a well-known name in the industry. Passionate about the well-being of the city, if you listen to morning AM radio in Toronto you’ve likely heard Tom chatting about current events in his live ads.

Tom’s son, Tom Jr., is continuing the legacy for future generations. Here are father and son, helping a high-profile client out to their taxi after a visit to the shop, embodying the tradition of personalized service.

With the closure of shops like Korry’s Clothiers on the Danforth, Tom’s Place is one of the last longstanding independent clothiers in Toronto, preserving a unique tradition. Saul Korman, the owner of Korry’s Clothiers known as the Duke of the Danforth, passed away in 2021. Tom remains the stalwart Mayor of Kensington, upholding Toronto’s independent fashion legacy. 190 Baldwin Street, Toronto.

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