Suspended Stairway by Joshua Kalfa at 36 Toronto Street

The Scoop usually highlights the free art in Toronto that we find outdoors. But recently, I discovered an installation that reminded us of the exceptional art tucked away inside Toronto’s buildings. You just need to know it’s there to pop inside and take a peek, and that’s what we’re here for.

While working a film shoot that closed off most of Toronto Street, I discovered a sculpture in the lobby of 36 Toronto Street. Office building lobbies often house incredible, free art, and Suspended Stairway, 1986 by Joshua Kalfa is genuinely stunning. The building’s soaring atrium provides the ideal space for this piece and only a video could fully capture its entirety.

Suspended Stairway, 1986 at 36 Toronto Street

I loved this steel staircase so much I wanted to learn more about the artist. The documentary The Three Dimensional World of Joshua Kalfa was a fascinating glimpse into his artistic practice.

This commercial building is located in downtown Toronto’s financial district, just a few blocks from the King Edward Hotel and directly across the street from the historic Consumers’ Gas Building that was home to the Rosewater Supper Club for years. 36 Toronto Street, Toronto.

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  1. The art is magnificent! I love Toronto Street. The buildings are all architecturally beautiful. Just the mention of Rosewater Supper Club brings back so many memories…….

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