Ugly Delicious in Kensington Market

Ugly Delicious on Baldwin Street serves Wagyu smash burgers that are a blend of Japanese and Korean flavours. The name “Ugly Delicious” is a tribute to the Netflix show where Chef David Chang travels the world, exploring different culinary traditions.

Smash burgers have been enjoying their moment in the culinary spotlight for quite some time now, and they really are a simple and tasty way to make a burger. It’s the way my grandma used to make hamburgers: by smashing a ball of ground beef onto a hot skillet and cooking, giving you a thin, crispy patty with a caramelized crust.

These Wagyu smash burgers are prepared using Halal-certified meat, which undergoes hand slaughter. The classic is a Wagyu smash patty with American cheese, Ugly Sauce, pickles, lettuce and tomato. The “Ugly Delicious” is stacked with seven Wagyu patties. 199 Baldwin Street, Toronto.

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