Dubbel Zout Licorice at Bulk Barn in Toronto

I have always wanted to try Dubbel Zout, which is double-salted Dutch black licorice. Some have said no, no I don’t, because it is the most disgusting candy ever made. I thought I would like super-salty licorice because I love sweet and savoury tastes together. I also thought I would have to wait until my next European adventure to try this candy, which is made in the Netherlands and a very popular treat in northern Europe. Turns out I didn’t have to journey to a Nordic country, I just had to go to Bulk Barn. Those little black pellets of crazy-taste were here all along, just innocently tucked in with all the other proper licorice.

While doing what has now become a regular licorice stock-up (two Bulk Barns have recently opened near me) I decided to also pick up a few DZs. I wish I could say that my sophisticated palate enjoyed this very strong unusual flavour. Nope. They were as disgusting as everyone said they were. Just look at them in their Bulk Barn bin… they look crazy! Who buys these!? The same people who buy Marmite, surely, and Brio.

I’ll stick to my marvelous allsorts, nice and sweet, the way licorice should be.

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