National Home Show & Canada Blooms 2013

I’ve owned a home for ten years but have never attended the Home Show. It’s been combined with the garden show Canada Blooms which is great; I like looking at all the flowers even more than the hardwood floors and fake grass exhibits. (Although that fake grass is really something.) There is some very luxe stuff for sale at the Home Show, like enormous whirlpools and those freestanding bath tubs you see in rich people’s apartments in the movies:

I liked this big outdoor couch with all the colourful pillows,

and this fire thing I think is just for looking at, not cooking over.

Who at some point hasn’t thought, wish I had an elevator? This one is very nice.

On to Canada Blooms, which had some really lovely garden displays. We spent a lot of time at the natural playground, which was creative and a great diversion for little ones. My little man loved jumping on the tree stumps and playing with the water fountain.

The National Home Show & Canada Blooms are being held at the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place until March 24. If you buy your tickets online, you save $3. And parking on the weekdays after 4pm is free. 100 Princes’ Blvd, Toronto.

4 responses to “National Home Show & Canada Blooms 2013”

  1. Elevators are becoming popular in some high end renovations. Given the ageing population and people staying in their houses longer, $25-35000 isn’t much when you consider $70,000 kitchens in million dollar homes.
    The last time I went to the home show about 5 years ago, i went on the last day and bought a patio set off the floor and took it home with me. Saved about 60% as the dealer did not want to haul it home. Just a tip for any would be show goers.

  2. I have to admit that elevator looked sweet! Oh we sooo need new patio furniture, our stuff is so old, hand-me-downs. I think this is the summer!

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